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Christian Busch | The Link Between Antifragility & Serendipity + How To Invite Serendipity Into Your Life

October 12, 2021 Christian Busch Episode 34
The Incerto & Nassim Taleb Podcast
Christian Busch | The Link Between Antifragility & Serendipity + How To Invite Serendipity Into Your Life
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Life can be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

How can we predict a future of infinite possibilities based on a finite experience of the past? 

Along the lines of Taleb's fooled by randomness metaphor - we all cross the busy street every day - and although some fools will occasionally make it to the other side, blindfolded to the world while others who meticulously path their way will still be wiped out - noticing the serendipity, noticing the infinite potential of divergent paths, at least this returns to you the liberty of control and hopefully, if your lucky, an exposure to serendipity that can change your life precisely the way you dreamt it would.

There is much to this podcast, in it, you can expect to learn about...

  • Frederick Hayek on Serendipity
  • The opportunity cost of always optimising for Serendipity
  • An international look at how different cultures experience randomness
  • Some Nassim Taleb of course
  • And then finally I ask Christian for some advice (you will see, forcing a type of serendipity)

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00:00 - Introduction
06:10 - Distinction Between Randomness & Serendipity
10:30 - Hayek On Serendipity
18:00 - Great Anecdotes Of Serendipity From History
19:00 - The Opportunity Cost Of Always Optimising For Serendipity
26:05 - How Serendipity Is Understood Across Different Cultures
36:40 - On Cultivating Serendipity
41:10 - Introducing Nassim Taleb, The Birthday Paradox & Exponential Functions
50:22 - Optimising Serendipity For A Hypothetical Person
60:16 - Afterthoughts
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